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Bridges Pets was founded in 2002 with the vision of bringing family and community together around the animals we love. We believe that responsible pet ownership should be enjoyed by all who desire itófrom the one who can afford only basic pet care necessities, to the one privileged enough to provide more. We take great satisfaction in seeing the happiness animals bring to peopleís lives, even to those people who come to our store just to browse. Bridges is a field trip destination for school children and retirement center residents alike. Our customersí joy and smiles are our motivation and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come.

Last summer, Bridges stopped consigning puppies from local breeders in hopes that our store could be better utilized to provide homes for unwanted pets. We partnered with a local shelter and rescue to adopt out 165 kittens between July and December. After informing breeders of our decision, many of our animal enclosures remained empty as we awaited an influx of puppies sourced exclusively from shelters and rescues.

When most of our enclosures remained empty for some time, we reinstated and revised our previous program with breeders. A $100 spay/neuter deposit is now required from customers and we have reduced our portion of the sale proceeds to only $95. This reduced figure helps us to cover some of our costs, which include current vaccinations, worming, flea treatment and the time it takes to show the puppies and process their adoptions. All things equal, Bridges does not prioritize breeder puppies over shelter animals in choosing which pets to offer to our customers and we are happy to display in-store notices which encourage pet adoption at local shelters.

We partner with breeders whom we feel hold to the same high standards of animal care that we ourselves provide. The animal enclosures at Bridges are clean, well-ventilated and state-approved, and pets receive premium food and loving care during their short stay with us. Furthermore, Bridges requires breeders to agree to an in-home visit in cases where we deem it necessary.

Thank you for your interest in these matters. Bridges exists to provide customers with everything they need to enjoy Godís gift of companion animals. Thank you for shopping with us!

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February 2013
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